Connie Smith, Owner, KidzArt Certified Instructor

Connie started her KidzArt franchise while at a crossroads in her life.  She decided it was time to follow her passion and find that one big thing that would capitalize on her diverse business, art and teaching backgrounds.  KidzArt was the perfect match.

Connie’s wide-ranging experience over the last 30 years in program development and teaching allowed her to take advantage of the full KidzArt opportunity as she successfully launched her franchise and established classes for all ages, developed several specialty classes and workshops, and created several summer camp programs – all within her first year.  She has continued to see steady growth and expansion into new markets.

Before launching her KidzArt franchise, Connie worked in a variety of fields.  She started her first business at age 6, selling vegetables from her mother’s garden.  By age 10, she was running a carnival in her back yard with several volunteer helpers.  Her college years were spent earning a degree in chemistry and taking numerous college-level art courses.  She would have changed her major to art, but everyone knows you can’t make a living in art…

She continued her professional path by working in program and curriculum development at the University of Utah in both the Department of Chemistry and the College of Engineering.  She later took these skills to a large, local church as the Christian Education Director, serving over 400 students each week ages preschool through adult.  During this time, she also gained valuable experience by teaching a variety of courses in several venues including community education programs, colleges, public schools, and community programs.

Although Connie took numerous college-level art courses, her personal artistic expression primarily takes the form of mixed media and pottery.  She studied with several accomplished potters, and began selling her work in Colorado.  She anticipates the day she can continue with her pottery in Utah.  With this diverse art background, Connie understands most artistic mediums quite well and knows how to teach developing artists the techniques they need to create successful projects in virtually any medium.

Meet our Amazing Instructors...

Sara Bench
KidzArt Certified Instructor
Squiggles to Grins, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary

Sara is from Holladay, Utah and holds a BFA in Art with an emphasis in painting and drawing from the University of Utah.  Her background includes teaching art and pre-school at Gymboree Play and Music, as well as teaching in a private re-school and grades K-6 as the elementary Art specialist.

Arts has always been an important part of Sara’s life and she has continually found herself painting and drawing, along with enjoying learning new art skills. Her favorite medium is ink and brush with acrylic paint.

Sara’s educational experiences in college helped her grow artistically.  She felt that she had always relied on her natural ability, but found that she learned that art can also be taught, and was excited through her personal education to see her skills improve and grow with each semester. 

Sara is passionate about art education for children. She feels that art education is especially essential in helping them feel like they have a place for expression, and she feels that it is important for all children to become visually literate.  She loves working the children because they are still capable of genuine creativity and expression without worrying about other opinions or critiques.

When not teaching, Sara loves to do Bikram yoga and spend time with her baby.  She also loves the outdoors and can be found hiking, or shopping at IKEA, when not painting.  Sara would love to illustrate a children’s book one day and wishes that art would be taken more seriously as a teachable subject. 

Ashelyn Downs
KidzArt Certified Instructor
Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary

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Carolyn Shepherd
KidzArt Certified Instructor
Elementary, TeenzArt

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Liam Cochran
KidzArt Certified Instructor
Elementary, TeenzArt

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Linda Scholl
Program Support Specialist

Linda is from Northern New Jersey and moved to Utah in 1997. She retired from working for the U.S. Postal Service for 30 years, only to find after taking an adult art class that she was in love with the KidzArt program. She loves watching parents get blown away at an art show because their child can create so much in such a short period of time and since joining, finds it the best job she's ever had.

Art has always been a passion of Linda's as an observer. She loves color and the emotions a work of art can elicit. She has only been doing art for a little over a year but has been amazed by the things she has created.  She likes markers, charcoal and has recently found an affinity for acrylic which she really enjoys because she can make a mistake and paint over it. She finds it a forgiving medium. It has been a dream of hers to become good enough with a medium that she could display her work at an art exhibit. 

When not working for KidzArt, Linda can be found cooking a difficult recipe, gardening in the summer and watching football in the winter.