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Students of all ages are introduced to the delightful world of creative arts at KidzArt / Art Innovators. Ideally those who start with KidzArt in preschool, will ‘graduate’ to our grade school and junior high school programs. Our curriculum is evolving and never repeated, with dynamic classes that grow with our students year after year.

Although KidzArt programs are based in drawing, we provide a visual arts experience that develops creative thinkers and problem solvers.  And we bring all the professional quality art supplies!

Each of our fun and exciting programs meets or exceeds the National Standards for Arts Education.

  Squiggles to Grins Age 2 - 3 1/2 w/caregiver     DISCOVER! Ages 3 1/2 - 4 1/2  CONNECT! Grades K-1  
  IMAGINE! Grades 2-5    TeenzArt ASPIRE! Grades 6-9 


Squiggles to Grins! 
Ages 2 - 3 1/2 with a caregiver

Discovering the pure joy and absolute excitement of creating original art — with the bonus of having Mommy or Daddy* right there — is what SQUIGGLES TO GRINS is all about!

Two and three year olds are introduced to the lines and shapes that make up the ‘language’ of art. This is achieved through creative activities designed to enhance their motor skills, and complemented with inspiring storytelling, poetry, and sing-alongs created by Parents’ Choice Award winning ®singer/songwriters. At this age level they find great delight in exploring this new language by using washable paints and other non-toxic art materials to create recognizable forms. Their artful squiggles are soon followed by proud grins!

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Ages 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 Learning about art and how to draw is like learning a new language with DISCOVER!

The ‘language’ of art begins with the recognition of lines and shapes. We show preschoolers how these lines and shapes can fit together to create a complete whole. Then we introduce them to the tools to do it for themselves.

Much of DISCOVER! centers around teaching our preschoolers to slow down, to focus, and to see — perhaps for the first time — how the world around them is put together. They learn how they can create recognizable forms from the ‘language’ of art they are learning.

DISCOVER! offers our students praise, support and direction, while we ask for their attention and willingness to perform their personal best. When it all comes together — and it does — the rewards are endless.

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Kindergarten and 1st Grade

The basic lines and shapes of drawing come together and have real meaning at CONNECT

Our kindergarten students take their drawing skills to a new personal level. Through individual guidance and encouragement, they learn how to use the ‘language’ of art  to express their thoughts and ideas more clearly. Confidence continues to grow as they experiment with colors and shapes using 2- and 3-dimensional media.

Suddenly they’re more interested in what they are doing, than they are in getting done. There are smiles everywhere.


New Locations! 

Grades K-1       6 weeks - $60

Mondays, Willow Springs 4/18-5/23

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Grades 2-5

Elementary students ‘power up’ their creative energy at : IMAGINE

Our students are introduced to a personal tool box of creative skills. Through interactive format they learn how to use these tools to access the power of their imagination.

Classes are full of eye-opening surprises as students interpret shapes, colors, and proportion. Soon they are reading between the lines and drawing their own conclusions. They begin to express their ideas freely and to overcome the impulse to judge. Mistakes are minimized with the know-how to find solutions.  The critical first steps toward developing a personal style start here.



Please visit out Camps page for special one-day workshops, winter camps, spring break camps, and summer camps.

Classes begin April 18th

Grades 2-5   6 Weeks - $79

Thursdays, Peruvian Park and Willow Springs   4/20-5/25

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TeenzArt: ASPIRE!
Grades 6-9

Students build-up their creative muscle at ASPIRE!

Our art-enriched ‘workouts‘ are packed full of challenging design projects and fun surprises intended to motivate students at this age level, and to push their creative potential to the max.

With the help of personal training, creative muscle takes shape. Our students become more independent, and we see a personal sense of individual style grow stronger.

We continue to challenge our students to exercise their creative skills in other areas of their life.

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